Fire Alarm System Maintenance

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Having a fire detection and alarm system in place is of no use if it is not in full working order and regularly maintained in accordance with BS5839. That’s why Fortress (SW)  are on hand to provide effective and regular fire alarm maintenance to all our customers to ensure your premises remain protected

Having your fire alarm system maintained regularly is the best way to ensure that safety is continuous throughout the premises and compliance with current fire safety standards . We carry out regular contracted or one-off testing, inspection and repairs to all types of fire detection and alarm systems.

Fire alarm maintenance is a legal requirement, and Fortress SW  provide a 24-hour call out service for our customers to make sure that your system is fixed in the event of a failure.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

What Does a Fire Alarm System Maintenance Visit Include?

  • Check to see there have bee any problems with the fire alarm system, including false alarms since the last service visit.
  • Check if there are any outstanding actions in the log book that require attention
  • Check mains and standby power supplies inc batteries and replace if necessary
  • Disconnect sounders
  • Inform Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) of temporary disconnection
  • Disconnect signalling
  • Test a minimum of one detector and one call point per zone
  • Check panel for correct ‘alarm’ indication
  • Reset the fire alarm system
  • Reconnect all sounders
  • Check ‘alarm’ indication on fire alarm panel
  • Check all sounders are functional
  • Check any auxiliary units
  • Confirm with ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) that test signal was received
  • Check all detectors and call points at least once a year
  • Check battery connections
  • Log date, time and results of test in Fire Safety Log Book

A fire alarm maintenance sheet will be completed during your maintenance visit, which will record any issues (if any) with the system and recommend  any work required to ensure a fully operational, compliant fire alarm system.