Daitem eNova Wirefree Alarm System

Daitem E-Nova Wire Free  Alarm System

The e-Nova wire free home alarm system from Daitem guarantees the best in protection and prevention of crime.

Comprising innovative technologies and a broad array of services, the e-nova home alarm provides you with constant protection for your home and business properties.

Wireless Technology

A wire free  system does not require any cable installation – not even a mains supply. All system devices are powered by high powered batteries lasting from 3-5 years (under normal conditions of use)Daitem Wirefree Alarm

The different components can be installed without any damage to the areas to be protected.

As no wiring is needed all equipment can be positioned in the most suitable positions

Alarm Control Panel

The control panel acts as the brain of the system, supervising the information received from the various detectors and control units. If an alarm is triggered, the panel sounds the siren and activates the alerts and deterrents. The speech synthesis system confirms the commands issued and indicates alarms occurring in your absence.

Daitem eNova Intruder AlarmUser-friendly Controls
Daitem has designed the control panel for the e-Nova system to be incredibly easy to use. You can arm, disarm and adjust the settings of your alarm with just a few buttons

Simple System Management
The e-Nova’s simple remote control allows you to arm and disarm the alarm system with just one button.




  • 20, 40 & 80 Zone Panels Available
  • Extra Long Battery Life – 3 – 5 Years
  • Disruption Free Installation
  • Speech Alerts & Notifications
  • Completely Wirefree – No Mains Supply Required
  • Pet Friendly Detectors
  • Wide Variety of Devices Available
  • Dog Bark Alert
  • Simple Operation

Wireless Home Alarm System

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