Fire Alarm Systems – Design Installation & Maintenance

Fortress SW  offers a complete design, installation, commissioning and maintenance service for all types of fire detection – including, conventional systems, addressable fire alarm systems, single-point smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection, beam detection, wireless fire alarm systems & air sampling (aspirating)

We have over 20 years  experience installing all types of fire alarm & detection systems

We’ll work with you to design a system that is compliant with current standards, as well as meeting your requirements and  budget – a  bespoke service that will ensure you comply with legislation and building regulations

The three main types of fire alarm system are:

C Tec Conventional Fire Alarm System

Conventional Fire Alarms
These fire detection systems divide your premises into zones (or areas).  In the event of an alarm activation – either triggered automatically by a smoke detector or manually by a ‘break glass/call point’ alarm –  the wiring linked to an main fire alarm control panel will identify the zone/area that has been activated.  But it won’t indicate the precise device or room.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable Fire Alarms
With an analogue addressable fire alarm system, each individual device/detector, such as a smoke or heat detector, has its own unique  address or number allowing it to be identified on the system. If one device is triggered or has a fault, the fire alarm system control panel tells you precisely where the problem is.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless Fire Alarms
A fire detection system which uses a secure wireless links between the sensor and the fire alarm control panel. Most wireless system have the same types of devices available  as the wired systems mentioned above for example but require no cabling. As a result there is minimal disruption to the premises during installation, and installation time is also reduced. These are ideal for older buildings or where quick deployment of a system is required.

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