Livestock Cameras – Calving, Foaling and Lambing

Calving/Lambing/Fowling CCTV

Looking after livestock is a time consuming, especially so during the calving, lambing or foaling seasons by installing Livestock Cameras from Fortress SW Ltd

Frequent visits to barns or shed at all hours of the day to see livestock needs assistance quickly becomes wearing, especially on those occasion’s when nothing’s happening. Fortress SW Ltd can help ease the pressure with our specialist LIvestock Cameras calving camera, lambing camera or foaling camera systems.

Here is How It Works:

Livestock Cameras - Calving, Foaling and Lambing

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The system will pay for itself when you are able to quickly interven and save animals lives!

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GET A BETTER NIGHTS SLEEP with Livestock Cameras!
No need to stay awake at all hours,, going out in the cold and dark. Check on the animals from the comfort of your bed with our phone app.

By having remote access to the cameras means you will know exactly whats happening with the animals, so you don’t have to make un-necessary visits, which frees to up to carry on with those other important jobs.

Hikvision PTZ  Livestock Cameras for Lambing Foaling and Calving
IMPROVE ANIMAL WELFARE with Livestock Cameras

The livestock cameras will allow you to detect problems sooner or alternatively pulling fewer animals improves the health of both the new born animal as well as the mother.

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Installation or Self DIY?

Let us professionally install your farm camera system or alternatively you could choose to self install.
We can setup the equipment for you should you choose to install yourself with full instructions on how to get the system going.
You just need basic DIY skills, we will carry out all the technical configuration.