The Benefits of Having an Intruder/Burglar Alarm System

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The Benefits of Having an Intruder/Burglar Alarm System

It is now an unfortunate fact of life that your  your home or business could be at risk of burglary/break ins. Even if you live in what may be statistically a low crime area, you probably still  worry about leaving your property, especially for long periods of time such as holidays.

Security alarm systems can help to alleviate this worry, as well as providing real protection for the important & personal possessions in your property.

Both London’s Metropolitan Police and a Which? survey of one-time burglars found that you’re far less likely to be burgled if you have a decent alarm system. Indeed, homes without security are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures in place, according to

Here are five fantastic reasons to install an Intruder alarm system in your home or place of work.

Burglar Alarm System

Leave your property for long periods without worrying

Most people go on holiday to get away from their home or work life. There’s no point ‘leaving’ your mind at home or in the workplace and spending the whole time you are away worrying about what might happen. An intruder alarm system keeps everything covered, deterring thieves even in your absence. That way, you can relax and enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge your building and valuables will be exactly as you left them.

Cheaper insurance

The more protected your items, the less likely they are to be stolen. Thieves are looking for the easiest time – they aren’t going to bother with a well-protected home or business premises. Just the sight of burglar alarms can be enough to deter an otherwise interested intruder.

This means that installing an intruder alarm system in your property can lower your insurance premiums. Your saving will depend upon your particular provider, but you could see a significant reduction in the cost of your premiums.

Intruder Alarm System

Protect what you love and value

All of us at home have a lot of valuable items inside – both in monetary and sentimental, . These days there are plenty of items that are attractive to theives such as mobile phones, , laptops, tablets, televisions, games consoles, stereos, cinema-systems, jewellery and expensive clothes. On top of this, car thieves often break into people’s homes in order to steal their keys and then take their vehicle, as most of us no longer put our cars in a secure garage.

Businesses often hold valuable stock, specialised equipment, and employee possessions. On top of this, your premises could contain sensitive data such as customer information. A break-in, even if no personal data is taken, may cause concerns among your clients, but may cause a company to close.

Remotely monitor your home

Smart Home Security systems can also include security cameras so that you can check what’s happening in your home. This is very useful if you are worried about what your children might get up to when they are away, or have pets you want to keep tabs on. Some security systems include remote locking, so you can ensure that windows and doors are always locked, as well as the ability to turn lights on and off remotely to deter would be intruders

Protect the things you care about with a Fortress Security System. View our range of security systems or contact us for more information.

Texecom Ricochet Wireless Alarms

Texecom Ricochet Wireless Alarms

Ricochet mesh networking wireless technology delivers more performance than any other wireless security system.

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Ricochet is based upon a mesh-network layout.  If you imagine a mesh, with a device at each join, that’s a rather complicated but accurate picture. Obviously with a security system the number of devices are fewer, but essentially every device talks to the other devices around it. Messages are routed to and from the controller via the mesh, and if for any reason part of the communication link is weak, then the data is rerouted via neighbouring devices to ensure that it reaches its destination. This is very different to the traditional point-to-point  of traditional wireless systems.

The range of a Ricochet enabled wireless system is greater than previous systems, with multiple devices capable of relaying messages to and from even the most remote locations in a building.Ricochet allows wireless protection to be installed in buildings/locations where standard radio-based systems simply will not work effectively and potentially cause false alarms.

As every device on a Texecom Ricochet System  is effectively a transceiver, it allows all areas of a site to link up and ensure delivery of signals in the most effective way.

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Texecom Ricochet Intruder Alarm Offer


With ‘in-range’ indication at each device, combined with automatic wireless routing, installing a wireless system has never been easier.

Multiple signal routes adapt to the environment instantly. Signal Security measurements provide peace of mind. Do more with wireless; be smarter.

Adding devices increases the range of the system making extra repeaters no longer required.


Ricochet can be used with Texecom’s Premier Elite range of control panels, l. Where stanard panels are installed, then Ricochet can be added via the use of expanders expanders. This ensures that existing systems can also benefit from Ricochet’s flexibility.